Business and Personal Success Coach/Public Speaker

Clem Lafrades loves the life she's created, but it hasn't always been that way.  At the age of 19, she began in the travel industry working for an airline while also becoming one of the top sales producers at a travel wholesale company creating custom dream vacations for the rich.  She worked a 3rd job at night in a gym for her personal improvement & development as she struggled to overcome childhood weight, confidence, and body image issues.  Married in 1998, had 2 kids, she battled with the desire to excel in her profession yet be with her kids.  She earned her Life Insurance & Series 7 investments licenses in attempt to be a full time mom yet have a business that produces.  After 5 years, she opened the only outdoor fitness boot camp in the Puget Sound, WA region spanning 5 cities.  This was a labor of love from her passion to help women build her inner power through her development of outer strength.  Like all successful businesses, there came opposition and challenges ranging from hiring her first employee who 8 months later discovered had ulterior motives to start her own, slander the company with fake reviews on online rating sites, and steal customers that led to a long legal battle ending in Clem's favor, but then recession hit hard.  Since then her fitness business has evolved into an indoor mind & physique transformation boutique for women called Victory Get Fit Club, she ran an unthinkable 26.2 miles, bravely got on stage as a bodybuilder, now a certified judge for natural bodybuilding shows around the country, is the event coordinator and promoter of the yearly Victory Natural Northwest championships, she is a certified Life Coach, a success and motivational speaker, and now Your Big Sis in Biz success coach as the founder and creator of Slay and Shine Entrepreness Success.  Her message:  A woman has the ability, strength, and power to overcome adversity, evolve through life's seasons, become who she wants to be, and design her life of joy. Never give up on yourself, your best is yet to come.

Your Big Sis In Biz

  • 90 Day Slay Success Coaching Program.
  • 90 Day Entrepreness Success Planner helping women succeed in business, relationships, and fitness.
  • Creative Masterminds & Workshops for business and self discovery.
  • Girls Get-Away & Slay business plus personal development vacays.


President of the WA Chapter of Girlfriends Success Circle

A fun casual monthly gathering of supportive women with great dreams, goals, and ambition creating friendships and connections.  We invite engaging speakers, network in a very unique way, and teach attendees how to initiate and create meaningful real friendship.  Join our FB group for very informative success & business tips on live videos and motivation.  See so much more on our GSC website!  Also, text "Girlfriends" to 33222 to request weekly motivation & success reminder texts.


Creator & Owner of Victory Get Fit Club

A Mind & Physique Transformation Boutique for women in Federal Way, WA.  Specializing in sculpting mindset & physique through education, empowerment, mentoring, coaching, fun workouts, events, community support, and outside activities and gatherings.



Proud Promoter for the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation


NANBF is a national nonprofit organization with a cause and mission to create an level play field for amateur bikini, figure, physique, classic physique, and bodybuilders to participate in a drug free ALL athlete tested sport so that average every day people with interests in physique sculpting can join in without intimidation.


Amateur Figure Competitor

Clem uses the sport of natural drug tested bodybuilding as an outlet to work on her own personal mindset, faith, and inner strength development through determination, disciplined organization, and execution of a strategic game plan.  Building a character of success is not limited to only business, but with repetition and practice, the habits and mindset of success become ingrained into the fabric of our being, it infuses itself into all areas of life.  Success is no longer a destination but our identity.